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Improving Communication with Your Family

When a family member has trouble hearing, everyone in the family may find it hard to understand what is being said. Your loved one with hearing loss is trying hard to understand what you say, but sometimes you must repeat it or explain it more than once. Here are a few things to consider that will help you communicate better with your loved one. Don’t take it personally. If someone you care about has hearing … Continue reading “Improving Communication with Your Family”

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Earbud Use Could Harm Your Hearing

A whole new generation developed an obsession with personal, portable media listening once the Sony Walkman was released in 1983. From tape cassette players to CD players to Mp3 streaming online and into our ears, personal listening devices have grown in popularity and become a part of society. They let us enjoy our favorite music in solitude and on the run. Unfortunately, using these gadgets might have harmful adverse effects on a younger generation’s ears. … Continue reading “Earbud Use Could Harm Your Hearing”

A modern "in the ear" hearing aid for the left and right ear with batteries

Can Hearing Aids Be Stylish?

You’ve always said that hearing aids aren’t for you, and you don’t want to tell anyone that you have trouble hearing because you can’t imagine yourself with one. Most people don’t think of hearing aids when they think of fashion. When you think of hearing aids, you probably think of the ugly ones your uncle used to wear, which seemed to take up the whole ear and whistled or buzzed if you got too close. … Continue reading “Can Hearing Aids Be Stylish?”