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Q&A About Hearing Loss

The number one way people put themselves at a disadvantage in life is by being too afraid to ask questions. Humanity is built on the passing of information through generations. It is unrealistic to believe we can gain everything we need to know from first-hand experience. Your hearing health is not something to be ambivalent about. The more you know about your hearing health, the better you can participate in daily life. This especially pertains … Continue reading “Q&A About Hearing Loss”

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Brain Exercises Could Help You Hear in Noise

One of the most common signs of hearing loss is having a hard time hearing in noisy places. People often have trouble starting and keeping up with conversations at work, in restaurants, and at family get-togethers. People who wear hearing aids can also have trouble hearing in noisy places because background noise makes the ears and brain work harder. A recent study found that brain exercises can help people hear speech better in noisy places. … Continue reading “Brain Exercises Could Help You Hear in Noise”