How Exercise, Diet, Sleep, and Hearing Affect Brain Aging

Cognitive wellbeing has been a rather mysterious measure for doctors, researchers and other brain specialists. Although we can see some of the trends in the data that lead us to believe that healthy lifestyles promote better cognition, it has been rather unclear how and why those associations exist. The general principles of physical health apply to the brain, indeed. Getting enough oxygen, facilitated by exercise and a heart-healthy diet, is crucial to the brain’s ability … Continue reading “How Exercise, Diet, Sleep, and Hearing Affect Brain Aging”

Treating Sudden Hearing Loss

Although the cause is sometimes unknown, about 5,000 adults experience sudden hearing loss each year. These people find that over the course of no more than 3 days, they have lost 30 decibels of hearing ability. This sudden loss of hearing can be associated with a single event, but more often there is no identifiable experience that sets off the hearing loss. When a person has such an immediate reduction in hearing ability, it is … Continue reading “Treating Sudden Hearing Loss”

What is Single-Sided Hearing Loss?

If you are familiar with the different types of hearing loss, you will know that there are many terms to keep in mind. It can be difficult to remember what makes one type of hearing loss different from another. For example, you might know that you have a “good ear,” but does that mean that you have unilateral hearing loss, asymmetrical hearing loss, single-sided hearing loss, or some other condition? Let’s take a moment to … Continue reading “What is Single-Sided Hearing Loss?”