Cleaning is an important part of having and keeping hearing aids operational. Moisture is the enemy of all hearing aids. Knowing this all hearing aid users need to learn a few simple rules that will help their experience with hearing aids and save them money in the long run.

I am a hearing aid wearer for about 10 years now. I currently wear a pair of 4 year old hearing aids that I have cleaned regularly.

I am convinced that it will make them last longer with less time spent in the shop. I know that they are a great asset to me and want to get the most out of wearing them
for as long as I possibly can.

In my job I get to clean many people hearing aids. I see that there are two type of customers. One is very diligent and works to keep them clean. Then the second are those that just wear them and “let happen what happens”.

I do see differences in the replacement of receivers and problems with wax build-ups in the aids in places where they need to go into the manufactures.

Moisture and corrosion go hand in hand these issues cause hearing aids to spend time “In the Shop”.

If I could recommend two things that would change the long term outcome and length of use for customers hearing aids they would be, purchase a humidifier and have your hearing aids cleaned once every 4-6 months of use.