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Hearing Aids | Audiology | Austin Texas | Cedar Park

As Consumers are getting smarter about the purchases of Hearing aids I find myself more challenged to provide better pricing for them.
These long time customers are trying to cash in before their perceived eminent fall . They see changes coming that are going to be very hard to overcome insurances not paying anything for new Hearing aid, services becoming less and less important.

Some of these changes are:

• Third party provider companies have removed audiology clinic’s ability to bill directly patient insurance plans. This step has patients to pay out of pocket all or most of the costs
associated with new Aids. Most of these companies are owned by a manufacturer.
• The selling of “Over the Counter Hearing Aids” is producing fear in the hearts of Audiologist.
• Hearing aid manufacturers are still going up in price rather than dropping prices. Customers will get less service long term and aids will slowly increase in the process between the
manufactures and the public.

Patients will be stuck with big box stores and a few clinics that will sell aids as a discounted product with less services and more cost for services and aids will mostly have the same cost. .

Larry Bailey
Practice Manager
Austin Hearing Services
[email protected]