Is Your Specialty Clinic Failing……..

Seems Out of Control…

Manufactures have lead the way with so many components of the Audiology business. The pricing of hearing aids has had buying groups taking their share of the profits. The Manufactures have opened third party providers which are taking customers right from our own standard business geography.
Profits Spiraling Downward…..
These companies are claiming almost all of Audiology Clinic’s profits. The insurance companies are contracting with the third parties because of the cheap costs. companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield will be with Tru- Hearing. Retail giants like Costco, Wal-mart, and Sam’s just to mention a few are selling Hearing aids at greatly discounted prices too. Now I am hearing that internet companies are selling directly off the internet. companies like, and They are claiming more of our local buyers with the lower costs.
Nothing You Can Do…..
Audiology Clinics are powerless to this greed driven business model that is manipulated by the hearing aid manufactures. Foreign owned hearing aid manufactures mostly want to make all the money. How far will this craziness go ? For many of audiologist throughout the US it will lead them directly to the site of the crash. Right to the place where they loss their practice. All the audiologist talk about making changes to their business models. increased sales volumes, lower prices, make customers pay for additional services etc. Others say just don’t have a clue what to do.
I say that the unbundled process with increased cost for services and will be the norm over the next few years. Hearing aid sales groups all over the US will be selling lower priced aids with larger volume. These companies will only be doing a quick fit based on an audiogram.
Manufactures will not stop selling these companies…..
Most all the manufactures are and will continue to sell hearing aids to these companies. They offer no protection for audiologist . I asked our factory reps “Could he do anything to stop the practice of selling Hearing aids on the internet” They mumbled “I will Look into it!”
That was three years ago!
Selling your Clinic or Getting in too much Debt….
Don’t worry clinic owners, your friendly Manufactures have got your back. They are ready to loan you money so they can ultimately get you “over a barrel” and when you can’t pay up they will have to take over the ownership of your clinic.
After all they are only here to help you!