New Year’s resolutions are all about priorities. Although you might want to do it all this year, you can’t achieve all your goals at once. Many of us select one or two resolutions to put down on paper so that we can make a clear priority of these items instead of the overwhelming picture of everything at once. The problem, though, is deciding what to prioritize this new year. Among all the aspects of health and wellness that are important to you, what is the right thing to choose? You might be thinking of things like nutrition, exercise, rest, and mental health, and each of these is an important priority, indeed.

How about prioritizing your hearing health? You might have noticed that your hearing ability is changing lately, and this realization prompts some people to go immediately to a hearing health professional for a hearing test. Others are more hesitant. They might even try to deny that hearing has become a problem. This new year, why not take the step to make better hearing a priority for you. Rather than ignoring the problem or finding shoddy approaches to hearing health with over-the-counter amplifiers, it’s time to make hearing health a real priority in your life.

Test Your Hearing

The first thing you can do to prioritize your hearing health is to get a hearing test. This test is simple, quick, and totally painless, and the results will point you toward the right kinds of assistance for your individual needs. The most common type of hearing test is called pure tone audiometry. In this simple exam, the administrator will play a series of tones varied in pitch and volume. When you hear a tone, you simply gesture that you have heard something. With this simple information in hand, the examiner can learn a lot about your hearing profile. If certain sounds are too quiet for you to hear, then those particular tones will need to be amplified. However, not all sounds need amplification. Your individual hearing profile is suited to hearing aids that are tailored to the results of your hearing test. The first step in prioritizing your hearing in the new year is to take this simple but comprehensive exam.

Seeking Treatment

If your test shows that you need hearing assistance, the next way to prioritize better hearing is to get professionally prescribed hearing aids. Our hearing health professionals are able to analyze and interpret the results of your hearing test to discover which hearing aids are suited to your needs. However, some people look for over-the-counter solutions. Some of these come at a lower price, but they can actually do more harm than good. These “one-size-fits-all” hearing aids actually amplify the entire spectrum of sound. Rather than isolating the tones that you need to hear, they bump up the volume on everything, including the sounds that you already hear. Those amplified sounds can actually cause additional hearing loss in those frequency ranges, effectively doing much more harm than good. When you see the price of these hearing aids, you might think they are a reasonable way to cut corners, when in fact they can be quite damaging.

Prioritizing Your Health

When the new year rolls around, we all know we can’t change our lives overnight! As much as we’d like to wake up as the better version of ourselves, that process takes time and energy. However, you can set one of your priorities straight by getting proper hearing assistance in the new year!

Rather than ignoring the problem for another year, this is your opportunity to establish a clear priority for your overall health and well-being! By scheduling a hearing test, you’ll gain a full picture of your hearing ability and the ways that we can help you treat those gaps. The test is easy to schedule – contact us at Austin Hearing Services today!