Secret Sauce

Hearing industry secrets that will guide you, in the process of “building connection” for 2016

Interesting conversation came up yesterday.

It seems a patient heard from one of my friends that I am a an amazing chef. I did admit that I love to cook and enjoy preparing great meals for friends but, just like everyone else, my talents in the kitchen have their limitations. I grew up in Louisiana and learned a few Cajun meals and recipes. My important cooking philosophy is to never rush, use only fresh food, and make great sauces. That will make you a hero and who you serve, your raving fans!

Building Connections

That patient got me thinking about “building connections” with customers as working like a special sauce. Actually, I don’t see much difference in the sale of hearing aids and developing a great meal. If an audiology practice will never rush the sale, prepare using fresh information and brochures, deliver excellent patient care including special services, and products, then they will create an excellent patient journey and make raving fans.

I recommend these simple steps if possible:

Our patients are greeted with a smile and “Good morning” when they enter the door.
I use the patients names as much as possible.
I offer water or coffee while they wait. hoping they feel individually special to us.
We try to maintain an accurate schedule eliminating wait times.
I will talk about the patients life and have concern with their hearing issues. obtaining the real detail
purpose for their visit.

I will let them talk about 70% and will listen if possible 30%
I start what I call the pre-sale phase. I ask them information gathering questions about them while
they are completing the intake paperwork.

I verify how they found use and continue to gather lifestyle information for the Doctor to use while

This list is only partial. There are many questions to be answered based on how open the customer is to your questions.

I believe that “connection building” is a critical part of the “secret sauce” to successful hearing aids business for 2016.

The more connections the more successful hearing aids sales.

Larry Bailey 02/18/2016