Discreet Hearing Aids

New Silk Nx and Custom insio are “in the ear” the most discreet!

With the new discreet styles of hearing aids, wearers don’t have to sacrifice size for performance. Signia calls this new product innovation, a “discreet, instant-fit hearing solution with the highest level of sound quality.”

A practically invisible solution

Many hearing aid wearers, and especially those being fit for the first time, are insecure about others seeing their hearing aids. These discreet aids were designed to be smaller than previous models. As a result, they are designed for an improved fit rate and wearing comfort. They feature darker faceplate colors that are designed to better blend into the ear canal and further decrease visibility.

Improved sound quality

Built upon Signia’s Nx technology platform, the new Silk is designed to provide wearers with the “most natural” hearing experience, according to the company. And Signia’s binaural beam-forming technology is designed to allow clear speech understanding, even in noisy situations. Silk Nx hearing aids are also said to enable natural directionality and wireless streaming between both ears to make sure wearers hear what’s most important.

Instant-fit design
Silk hearing aids come ready-to-wear, with a secure fit for almost every ear. This is due to their super-soft and flexible silicone Click Sleeves, which are designed for a higher fit rate and are more durable than previous solutions.

More innovative features
The latest release also includes new features like Twin-Phone, enabling wearers to put a phone up to one ear and hear the call through both hearing aids. They also represent what is said to be the “world’s first CIC solution” for single-sided deafness. With contralateral routing of signal (CROS) technology, Silk Nx hearing aids include wireless transmitters that transfer sound from the unaidable ear to the better ear, enabling the wearer to hear from both sides. Wearers also benefit from Signia’s apps, including the touchControl™ App and TeleCare™ 3.0, to provide greater control and convenience.

Insio Hearing Aids

These custom aids can fit everyone’s budget give us a call and let us show you these inexpensive hearing solutions.


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