Hyperacusis Specialist

Hyperacusis Specialist

Sound sensitivity disorders, like Hyperacusis, are some of the most difficult ailments to live with. Dr. Margaret Hutchison at Austin Hearing Services is specially trained and Board certified to test for, evaluate and treat patients with this disorder.

How Can Hyperacusis Be Treated?

There are no medical or surgical options available to address Hyperacusis. The treatment is typically focused on managing a patient’s reactions to sudden loud sounds, Through this process, attempts are made to reduce sensitivity. Focused counseling can help a Hyperacusis Patient by developing healthy coping strategies for the times when the sounds of life get to be too much.
Some patients may benefit from a treatment known as Acoustic Therapy. Acoustic Therapy is a type of exposure therapy that will help reduce sound sensitivity and work to reduce the negative connections with loud noises.

How is Hyperacusis Detected?

Dr. Margaret Hutchison of Austin Hearing Services will perform a series of tests, including a hearing test and audiogram, to determine the severity of your symptoms and to find out what the best course of action may be to treat your Hyperacusis.

An important note to make during your exam is that while it may seem like you cannot hear as well due to your Hyperacusis, many sufferers of this disorder do not experience any actual hearing loss.

If you think you have Hyperacusis contact our office at (512) 687-1117 to schedule a complete diagnostic evaluation.

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