Dear Friends, and Hearing Aid Customers,

We are participating in a large corporate event partnering with Oticon. As an Oticon Opn™ wearer, you’re already been enjoying the revolutionary “Open Sound Experience” and other benefits that have earned the world’s first Internet-connected hearing aid top ratings from satisfied users around the world.

On August 22, you’ll have an opportunity to be part of another first – the world’s first live concert broadcast exclusively for Opn wearers with an iPhone or iPad.

Oticon, Inc. has teamed up with legendary rock band Styx for a live concert broadcast exclusively for people who wear Opn.

You’re invited to stream the live audio of Styx new and classic hits such as Come Sail Away, Renegade and more directly to your Opn hearing aids.

You’ll also be participating in a national media-generating event that is helping to change outdated perceptions of hearing loss and show how hearing aids enable people of all ages to “rock on.”

Connect Today

If you haven’t already experienced Opn’s seamless Internet connections, this is a great opportunity to try now.

Whether you are already enjoying Opn’s easy Internet connections or are new to Opn Internet connectivity, I recommend a pre-concert website check to ensure your VIP access to the August 22 concert.

On Aug. 22nd, log onto the micro-site – today for complete instructions. Simply enter password – OpnRocks for your exclusive access. Call if you are having any difficulties!

I hope you will join me and other Styx fans who will be tuning in on August 22 for a great concert and a great cause!


Dr. Margaret Hutchison, PhD
Dr. Kelly Garcia, Au.D
(512) 687-1117

The official concert website is live and ready for the Tuesday, August 22 audio broadcast from the Styx live concert at PNC Arts Center in Holmdel, New Jersey.

The legendary rock band is scheduled to take the stage at approximately 9:38 PM EDT.

If you haven’t sent out an email communication yet to your patients, we encourage you to do so. We recommend they do a “test” pre-concert log in. We don’t want them to miss a minute of the 75-minute live audio broadcast.

Thank you for joining with us in creating nationwide excitement for Oticon Opn, the world’s first Internet-connected hearing aid!
Event Site login information:

Password: OpnRocks