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Earwax can actually be Healthy

Earwax can actually be Healthy and Earwax / Cerumen is vital for protecting your hearing. Excessive ear wax can accumulate and lead to itchiness, pain, a feeling of fullness, diminished hearing, and even coughing. Here, the best and safest ways to keep it in balance. “Everybody has sticky, oily earwax in our ear canals”. Everybody has sticky, oily earwax in our ear canals. Normally, it naturally migrates from inside your ear canal outward to eventually … Continue reading “Earwax can actually be Healthy”

Clean and Check

Clean and Checks Wax and Moisture

CLEAN and CHECKS WAX and MOISTURE Cleaning is an important part of having and keeping hearing aids operational. Moisture is the enemy of all hearing aids. Knowing this all hearing aid users need to learn a few simple rules that will help their experience with hearing aids and save them money in the long run. I am a hearing aid wearer for about 10 years now. I currently wear a pair of 4 year old … Continue reading “Clean and Checks Wax and Moisture”