Z Power Rechargeable System for Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids batteries are somewhat an issue with most Hearing aid users. I have had to replace my batteries almost everywhere. The process takes some dexterity and usually just takes a minute or two. Many times it happens at an inconvenient moment and many times I don’t have the batteries with me. That can be bad.

Z Power, a German company based in Germany, is offering a new line of hearing aid rechargeable batteries and accessories. They offer a recharging station or block that your hearing aids fit directly into. Batteries according to size will last about 7-14 hours and are fully recharge in 2-4 hours. They are not available for all brands yet so call me to see if they are available for your brand of hearing aids.

This is a link to the Z Power website ( http://zpowerbattery.com/ ).

Larry Bailey
Austin Hearing Services