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Sonic Innovation High Technology

Austin Hearing Services is offering the latest High Technology Sonic Innovation Enchant 100’s at an affordable prices. These hearing aids are the best aid technology with the ability to directly connect to an apple phone. I believe that many people will be delightfully surprised at the Sound fidelity, comfort, and fitting that they will experience with these new Sonic Hearing aids. Enchant 100’s will directly connect to most iPhones which allows you to answer phone … Continue reading “Sonic Innovation High Technology”


Musician’s Ear Plugs and Monitors

A large number of Musicians around Austin have discovered that Austin Hearing Services can provide high end professional Earplugs and monitors to meet their hearing protection needs. Musicians have a unique need Musicians have a unique need when it comes to hearing protection. They need to protect their hearing, but they also need to be able to hear their own music clearly, as well as hear other musicians’ music and voices while performing. “I understand … Continue reading “Musician’s Ear Plugs and Monitors”

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Tinnitus Treatments, Understanding Your Options

Tinnitus and its Treatments Up to 45 million Americans suffer from tinnitus, which is the perception of a sound where no external sound stimulation exists. This ghost or phantom sound is normally perceived as a ringing, however it has also been reported as a buzzing, hissing, whistling, swooshing, or clicking. We have said it before here on the blog, but we will say it again, the first thing to understand about tinnitus is that it’s a … Continue reading “Tinnitus Treatments, Understanding Your Options”

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Is Your Specialty Clinic Failing……..

Is Your Specialty Clinic Failing…….. Seems Out of Control… Manufactures have lead the way with so many components of the Audiology business. The pricing of hearing aids has had buying groups taking their share of the profits. The Manufactures have opened third party providers which are taking customers right from our own standard business geography. Profits Spiraling Downward….. These companies are claiming almost all of Audiology Clinic’s profits. The insurance companies are contracting with the … Continue reading “Is Your Specialty Clinic Failing……..”

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Hearing Impairment and Restaurants

Background noise presented in a restaurant environment is one of the most difficult situations for a person with hearing loss to deal with. As a person with hearing loss, I find that restaurants are not a quieter place for conversation as they once were. Many of today’s restaurants have allowed the soft quiet environments to become more of a thing of the past. The old style used to be filled with carpet and drapes which … Continue reading “Hearing Impairment and Restaurants”

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Hearing Loss, Non Treatment May Lead To Depression

By Margaret Hutchison 07th August 2015 Could Increasing Hearing Aid Use Reduce Depression And Dementia? I came across an interesting article recently about hearing loss, in particular untreated hearing loss and it’s effects. I have spoken here before about hearing loss and links to depression and self isolation. More information has come to light about it through a new study. Hearing loss has a disruptive effect on daily life for the millions who experience it. However, … Continue reading “Hearing Loss, Non Treatment May Lead To Depression”


Hearing Protection For Shooters

Hearing Protection For Shooters By Larry Bailey August 2015 Protect Your Hearing While Maintaining Your Situational Awareness Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is a very common complaint in America. When people think of NIHL they usually think of damage from industrial sources, working in noisy environments and such like. However, NIHL is caused by exposure to noise, it doesn’t matter where that noise comes from. Extraordinary Statistics Exposure to harmful noise can happen at any … Continue reading “Hearing Protection For Shooters”

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Hearing Loss Still Permanent?

Hearing Loss Still Permanent? By Margaret Hutchison 27th July 2015 More and more gene therapies begin to show promise Did you hear the one about the mouse that jumped when he heard a loud noise? The funny thing is that he’d been deaf before he received some new genes. Hearing Loss & Gene Therapy Exciting things are happening in gene therapy for hearing loss these days and it’s not just affecting mice any more. Human … Continue reading “Hearing Loss Still Permanent?”